Wednesday 3 February 2016

A convenient spam

From: GS Toilet Hire <>Subject: GS Toilet Hire - Invoice (SI-523) for £60.00, due on 28/02/2016
   1.1   OK    ~20 lines  Text
   1.2 Shown   ~22 lines  Text
   2            96 KB     Application

Good morning

Thank you for your business - we're pleased to attach your invoice in PDF. 

Please bear in mind that if we are in the area the price is reduced to £15+vat per visit. 

Full details, including payment terms, are included.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Kind regards, Office, GS Toilet HireDirect

Actually, it's a Word document. 50 out of 53 products say that it's clean. I say that it needs to be flushed.

And also:

Subject: Attached Image
   1          97 KB     Application

Actually, it's an Excel spreadsheet. 49 out of 51 products say it's clean. I say that I really don't understand why people think that antivirus software is useful.

According to VirusTotal, it was first uploaded to them 16 minutes ago. This isn't just zero-day malware, it's zero-hour. The AV companies really don't have a ghost of a chance to intercept it and flag it as malware.

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