Tuesday 5 January 2016

The TomTom died

Just as I was going round the M25 on the way home from Center Parcs, the TomTom XXL made a noise it's never made before, and died.

I took it apart to see if there was anything I could do, but inside is a PCB, and a component of that has failed, I think, and I can't repair those. So I've ordered a replacement, second hand, just inder £45. Ebay! The battery probably isn't very strong, but I don't mind that. And now I know how to dismantle a TomTom to put in a new battery.

Meanwhile, I have TomTom software on a Mio Digiwalker, so I'll use that until the replacement arrives.

The TomTom XXL is better, because it can handle 60,000 POIs; the Mio can only manage half that.  I carry the Mio in the car as part of standard caching equipment; it's a backup to the TomTom.

I'm planning to go caching tomorrow  for the first time since before Christmas.