Monday 11 January 2016

More on Network Solutions

So this morning I phoned them about their problem, their problem being that I can't access their web site, which means I can't make changes to my domain name details.

The techie suggested that I clear my browser's cache. I did that, and it made no difference, because why should it? Then he suggested I use a different browser, so I used Chrome, and that made no difference, because why should it.

So then he said I was the only person reporting a problem, so it must be with my ISP. So I told him that a bunch of other people were reporting the same problem on their Facebook page.

He told me that the problem would be resolved within two business days. And we parted.

I got a call soon after from them, asking me to do a traceroute, and email it to them, which I did. I also did a ping test (my own idea) which indicates 90% packet loss. That means there's severe congestion somewhere on the route between them and me, and fully explains the reason I'm having problems accessing their web site. The traceroute fails at Telia is a Swedish telecoms company, I don't know why my access to them is going via Sweden, my guess is that they have a server in Europe that I'm directed to.

I also tried pinging from Cheltenham. That gives me zero packet loss; if I tried to access 
Network Solutions from there, it would work fine. Unfortunately, I can't use a browser from there.

The call from  Network Solutions ended with me again being assured that they'd have this fixed within two days. I asked if they could email me when it is fixed, and he said he would.

If I were currently in the position of needing to make changes to my domain name details, I'd be USC without a paddle.

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