Sunday 31 January 2016

I had a dream

I had a dream last night.

I was standing on a bridge over a river that was flooding, and I saw, in the swirling water below, a bicycle.

So I got down, into the river, and pulled the bike out. While I was doing it, I noticed another bicycle, and another.

Don't ask me how all these bicycles got washed into the river, the dream didn't explain that.

Altogether, I rescued 13 bicycles, then wheeled them to the local police station so that they could be reunited with their owners. The policeman there said they'd keep them for six months, and release a bike to anyone who had reasonable evidence that it was theirs (by the way, I have no idea whether this is actally the law). But I couldn't think how I'd show that a lost or stolen bike actually belonged to me, or if I did lose a bike, why I'd think to go to a particular police station, so I was fairly confident that after six months, most or even all of those bikes would become mine, and I'd be able to sell them on ebay, probably for around £60 each.

A good night's work.


  1. More like a nightmare to me !

  2. Now I can understand supermarket trollies :-)