Wednesday 13 January 2016

Hartley Heart Attack, part 9

It was quite cold today, so I bundled up with lots of layers, wore furry gloves, and tackled the HHA again.

The HHA has been growing, and that meant that I had a couple of routes to run, one long, one short. I was also hoping to clear up my one remaining DNF, which had been a DNF because the cache was missing when I went for it. Unfortunately, that one was in the middle of nowhere.

The highlight of the day was this:

Let's just look more closely at that tree ...

I didn't make use of it.

At the start of the day, I went through a track covered in deep water, so I got a wet foot. Again. At least it wasn't squelchy-wet this time.

40 caches found today, no DNFs.

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