Tuesday 26 January 2016

Hartley Heart Attack, part 11

I parked in the same place as last time, and the first thing I did, was to finish off the Quizzical Smile series, including the bonus. Then I continued on with the HHA,  A total of 51 caches done today.

I got back to the car at 4:30 while it was just still light, had my (late) lunch, then drove to [ick up something I thought I'd need.

This is about the bonus bonus. The cache page said that the coords were in cache 424. I've done that cache, but didn't pick up the coords, so I decided to go back there - a special trip.

The cache wasn't there.

I've found it before, so I know where it ought to be, and it wasn't there.

So I phoned Marcus. There was a howling gale going on at the tome, which made it hard to have a conversation, but the gist of what I learned, is that I'd trekked out there for no real reason, because the coords for the extra final are not in this cache now. It's a numbering error.

So it wasn't that I failed to notice the coords, it's that they weren't there when I did that cache.

Still, it wasn't entirely a wasted journey. I replaced the cache smile emoticon.

One track led me across a claggy-mud field. And as happens in this situation, moving the bike along got harder and harder, and when I was about 30 yards from the field edge, it got nearly imposible, and each pull at the bike was moving it mere inches. I was very glad when I got to the grassy verge!

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