Friday 22 January 2016


In a place that I cannot disclose for obvious reasons, in a country far away, a furtive group of criminals meets on Wednesdays. They meet in heavy diguise, for fear that the Religious Police might infiltrate their group and betray them - a flogging would be the best they could hope for. Because the purpose for which they meet, is haram. Not Kosher. Their activity spreads enmity and hatred; it's a gateway to gambling and other vices. It's a waste of time.

They sit, mostly quietly, in chairs, in pairs. They are probably mostly men, but it's impossible to know under their burka disguises.

They do not use the dread equipment commonly in use for this purpose, for that would be a dead giveaway of their foul actions. No, it's all in the mind, but for the occasional murmured phrase. Hark! Listen carefully, and you'll hear their characteristic sounds.


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