Friday 1 January 2016

A good deed

I was at a new years party dinner, and I was chatting with the guy next to me. He told me he worked for a haulage company, I told him I messed about with computers. So he guessed that my family relied on me for tech support. I explained that I mostly mess around with servers, and can't help people running iPads or Windows. So he told me that they have a server where he works, and he's responsible for it.

So I said, as I always do, and with a smile, "I hope you make backups".

No, he didn't. "But we'll be moving soon, I'll see about it after then."

So I explained to him that the third most stressful thing you can do to a server is switch it off, the second most stressful is to switch it on, and the most stressful is to move it. And he's about to do all three.

He looked thoughtful, got out his iPhone and sent an email, there and then. He's going to do a backup before he moves the server.

So I've done my bit for computer security for 2016!

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