Wednesday 4 November 2015

The decline of the church.

An organisation called "Talking Jesus" just did a survey, and I have to say, I'm much encouraged by it, because only 9% of people in England are practising Christians.

60% of those surveyed thought that Jesus was a real person who actually lived. And 40% didn't. I have to admit, I'm not sure - there seems to be almost no evidence that he was a real person, and lots of evidence that he wasn't.

If you think Jesus didn't exist, the next question makes no sense, so I'm guessing it wasn't asked - this was about the identity of Jesus, and 21% of those asked, thought he was god in human form. But that's a key element of Christian dogma. So 21% of those 60%, which is 12%, subscribe to Christian dogma.

The first conclusion of the report is "Let’s pray for the Church in our nation." I strongly support that suggestion, because prayer demonstrably doesn't work. And if you haven't realised that, just try praying for something, and watch how you don't get it.

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