Thursday 12 November 2015

Really cheap server

Rummaging through the bargain basement of Ebay, there's some great deals to be had.
This server, for example, is £40, and gets you a 1U box with two AMD Opterons each with two cores, running at 2 ghz. 8 gb of memory, two gigabit ethernet ports. Downside is, the disk controller is ATA, which means you'll only get four 300 gb drives, although I have a little thing that lets me run a SATA drive on an ATA port, which seems to work fine.

I'd expect to pay £40 just for a 1U power supply!

I am *so* tempted. Trouble is, I don't currently have a use for it, and I do have a couple of dozen working servers not doing anything.


    Did you know your crown has been toppled by Simplysup Looks like he has the UK's Top cacher title now

  2. Yes, I posted a congratulation to him on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. But thanks for pointing it out in case I hadn't noticed.

  3. Ok, When's your birthday? I'll buy it and I can give it to you on the birthday after you have used all your other servers up :)

  4. Thanks for the offer, but I'd rather have a good book.