Friday 13 November 2015

Homeopathic funding

The BBC reports that the £4m per year spent by the NHS on homeopathy, is being reconsidered.

I can't understand why NHS money was ever spent on something for which there's no good evidence that it works. Homeopathy fans, of course, think that homeopathic pills "have a profound effect" on patients.

Two opposing sides -> a controversy.

So let me propose a compromise. My suggestion is that we dilute the £4m being spent on homeopathy with a 6c formulation; this means, divide it by 100 to the power 6. This will, in accordance with homeopathic principles, make it more effective. It's homeopathic funding.

I have no problem at all with spending .0004 of a penny per year on homeopathy, and homeopathy fans will be delighted at the increase in effectiveness gained by this dilution.

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