Saturday 14 November 2015

Her knee

Ladysolly has a bad knee. We don't know what's happened in there, but it's so bad, she can barely shuffle across the room. She went to the doctor, and showed her the bad knee, and the doctor immediately diagnosed "You've got a bad knee", so that's a help. The treatment is, don't use it too much, which will be no problem because she can barely use it at all. There's also two applicable treatments, one being cold (icebags and suchlike) and the other being heat (hot water bottles and suchlike). Thank heaven for the NHS.

She spent most of yesterday in the lounge on the sofa, but the time came when it was necessary for her to do what is Necessary.

Getting her off the sofa onto her feet, was a challenge, involving a lot of screaming. So then, how to get her the 20 yards to the Place of Necessity. My solution was this.

It's a pump trolley, except mine is red. I use it for computers. When I want to work on a heavy computer, I adjust the height of the surface, slide the computer on to it, pump it up so that it's the same height as my workbench, then slide it to there. It means I don't have to lift a heavy computer at an awkward angle.

So I got it to the right level, and ladysolly sat on it. Then I pumped it up, so that her feet weren't on the ground, and trollied her over to the Place of Necessity, lowered the surface, and she got off.. And when the deed was done, reversed the process. We did this a few times that day.

Now she's upstairs, surrounded by phones and iPads, plus she has a bike hooter to summon her staff so I can rush in and see what Her Ladyship needs.

I'm thinking that this is going to take at least a couple of days to fix itself.

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