Sunday 22 November 2015

Fedora 23

I installed Linux Fedora 23 on the new server, and it's even better than previous versions.

I have no idea what video or ethernet chipset is on the server, but I don't need to, it worked it out for itself. I told Fedora "I want a server" and "I live in the UK" and that's really all I needed to tell it; the install just worked. Oh, and I had to choose a password for the root user.

All that, is pretty much what I expect from a Fedora install, but when it had installed, it told me about something new - if I access, it gets me to a web-based control system that lets me choose which services are enabled and which are disabled. The "9090" is the port address; my firewall doesn't allow any access to that port from outside my own network. For example, I installed the software for DNS, so it's there in case I need it, but I can choose whether to enable it or not. If there's anything I need that didn't get installed, I can add it with "yum install whatever". And, of course, all the software is free, open source.

So I'm a happy bunny. A £60 server with 16gb of memory and four cores of CPU (I added a couple of hard drives), running Fedora 23. Amazeballs.

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