Friday 20 November 2015

Cheap server part 3

The server arrived today, and it's everything I'd hoped, and more!

The case opens nicely; it's just two catches, no screws. Inside, there's room for three 3 1/2 drives ( might be able to squeeze a fourth on in, maybe). There's ATA133 headers, and no SATA header, but I was expecting that.

Inside, there's two fans feeding into a plastic thing that goes over the CPUs. That's nice, because it means redundancy; if one fan fails, the other one will keep the server running.

The great thing that I wasn't expecting (but did hope for), is that there's a 32 bit PCI slot, and a 1U adaptor, so I can put a card in. So I put in a 32 bit SATA card, which means that I now have a 300 gb ATA drive, and a 2tb SATA drive.

I'm loading it up with data now; I'm planning to make it my main central server.

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