Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Thrapston thrash

I thought the weather today, in this area, would be dry. But it rained the whole time I was driving north to Thrapston, and it was still raining when I parked.

So I decided to go on foot, instead of on the bike, because rain is a bigger problem on the bike.

As I plodded along, I kept thinking how much faster this would have been on the bike. And I got wet. Only a light rain, but sufficient!

There were a few good tree climbs, and one I didn't do because everything was wet and slippery, and I couldn't see how far I'd need to go.

I got back to the car at 13:50 and had lunch. By then, it had stopped raining, so I got the bike out for the afternoon run.

24 caches done today, and a few DNFs.

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