Tuesday 8 September 2015

Peterfield plod

Out today on the bike, to Peterfield. I did caches 1 to 13, including several not in the series for a total of 22. Then I biked two miles back to the car for lunch, coffee and new batteries. Then out again for the rest of the series.

Doing it this way added about five miles to the total travelled, but that extra distance is all on tarmaced roads, so I can whizz along at 15 mph. For the loss of 20 minutes, I get to have lunch in comfort in the car, and I don't need to carry enough batteries for the whole day.

To get the series bonus, you have to find eight picture clues. I found five of them, but decided to try for the bonus anyway, by making some guesses. My guesses turned out fo be good enough, although I had to wander around in a wood for a while. But I found the bonus!

Then I completed the circuit and got back to the car just in time to drive home. 46 caches done today, and one DNF (actually it was a tree climb that I decided not to attempt).

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