Thursday 24 September 2015

One ring

My mobile rang once, then stopped. One missed call. Strange! So I Googled the number that called me, 0844 648 0255.

Apparently, this is their usual thing; one ring and that's it. If you call them back (I didn't) you A) incur the cost of an 0844 call, which gives them revenue and B) you get asked if you "had an accident recently, that wasn't your fault".

So it's two scams for the price of one. Neat.


  1. 1500 views of this rather ordinary post. I'm guessing that people are googling the phone number. Which means that these scum are doing a *lot* of dialling.

    I reported them to the TPS (Telephone Preference Sevice), but the TPS doesn't have teeth.

  2. Just had this happen to me, exactly as mentioned above. Thanks for the warning! :-)

  3. Report them to Ofcom rather than the TPS. The only other thing to do is try to catch the call and leave the line open for as long as possible so that they incur call costs!!