Saturday, 12 September 2015

Kentish capers

A trip to Kent. I went via the Dartford Crossing, because I do like going over that bridge, and this is my first time since then abolished the toll booths. I was already paid-up online. First I did a loop of 30 caches, "Out in the sticks". Some of the finds took me rather a long time, but persistence paid, and I found them all.

Then another 15 "Fruitcake's Folly", again I found them all. But for the last few caches I had to go through a path with brambles on both sides, and I did get a bit scratched.

I picked up a few extras between the two circuits for a total of 49 caches.

And then the problem came.

I set off home at 5:30, which shoujld have got me home by 7:30. But I didn't get home till 9:30.

I went down the M2, then the A2, and then I should have taken the A282 to get over the crossing. But just as I got to the place where I should have turned off to the A282, my satnav crashed! And in the ensuing confusion, I stayed on the A2, which took me into London.

With no satnav, I decided to take the A205 (the South Circular) because I knew that would get me home, but the traffic was dreadful. I crossed the Thames at the Battersea bridge, and found the A40. So eventually I got home. And by the time I got back, the satnav had eventually rebooted successfully.

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