Thursday 24 September 2015

Breaking the fast

I went to daughter.2 yesterday, for the "breaking the fast". On Yom Kippur, observant jews fast all day; that's from sunset to sunset. I haven't done this since I was about 14; I'm a gastronomic jew, which means that I like Ashkenazi food, go to weddings and funurals, and tell people "I am, thank god, an atheist". When we arrived, there were nibbles (crisps, olives and artichokes), which I tucked into at once, while the people who had actually fasted looked on, hungrily. I see this as me helping them by increasing their penance. And then cake (carrot and lemon). And the smoked salmon beigles; after I had one, ladysolly told me to leave the others for the others.

Then 7:15 came, and the others could break their fast, which they did with gusto. And then the main meal, which was salmon cutlets, and goujons, And small potatoes. I ate rather a lot, of course, and then she brought out dessert, which was cheesecake and pistachio ice cream, and I cannot resist either of those.

As a result, I was more than somewhat stuffed, so when ladysolly offered me lunch today, I declined - I'm still recovering from last night. And given that we don't usually eat until a fair bit after 8pm (and I missed breakfast), it turns out that I'll be fasting today. One day late. I feel sure that God will forgive me, because it's a lot more than he usually gets from me.

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