Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The first six

Caches starting with the number 6 have been available for a little while, but today was the first time I did one.

First I did a circuit of 39 caches, "Elkington/Winwick". I did nearly all of it on the bike, using my new batteries, although I did do a short stretch on foot.

I met Lansdown and  Nadia Goes Caching, which was just as well, because they were able to help me with a cache that I just didn't see, although it should have been easy! And I help them with a cache when I caught up with them later.

I found all 39 caches on this circuit. Then I had lunch in the car, and went on to another circuit, the "Mr Men" series nearby.

64 caches done today, no DNFs.

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