Saturday, 29 August 2015

The best movers in Toronto, part 2

I quote the spam in full:

Subject: Received annoying spam from BestMoversToronto?

Received annoying spam "from us"?
We understand how it feels, but we didn't do this.
Someone very jealous is trying to bring reputation of our company down by
sending these annoying emails to you. These spammers' goal is to make you
angry and report "us" as spammers. That's why being opened we are showing
this message to you and wanted to let you know that we would never do this.
Our privacy policy actually protects you from receiving those emails. And we
have received multiple complains and we know that your are probably not even
living in Toronto.

Lastly, we would like to say that we are actively investigating the case and
you can actually help us to collect more evidences and prosecute the
offenders! Please forward the emails you receive to

Thank you for your time and understanding,
Real team of

The thing is, I don't believe this. It's being sent from numerous fake email addresses, and numerous IP addresses.

Still, it's fun, and they're right about me not living in Toronto. How did they know that?


  1. You are not alone:

  2. I think pretty much everyone doesn't live in Toronto. :)