Sunday, 23 August 2015

Switch selling

I wanted a cable, so I went to Ebay. I saw a listing "PREMIUM GOLD 1080P HDMI TO DVI CABLE LEAD SMART HD TV HDTV 3D METRE 1m 2m 3m 5m" for 99p. Well, that looks good, I'[ll take the 99p 1 meter cable, thank you.

But the 1 meter cable is £3.99. What you get for 0.99, is a HDMI coupler joiner.

A lot of the other listings are similar. They suck you in at 99p, and then you find out that for 99p you get an RJ45 connector, which isn't remotely to do with what I'm after.

It's annoying.

Another annoyance was, when I did eventually find what I wanted, for £1.19, the vendor wouldn't let me buy two. One per ten day period! It's very strange.

So I pressed on, and eventually found a vendor that really does sell a 99p 1 meter cable, and you can buy as many of them as you want.

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