Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Rain rain rain

Today, I went to give my routine blood sample at the local clinic. Outside, it was wet, but not raining, so I decided to go by bike.

On the way there, it was great. There was a road works with a long hold-up, so I just put my bike onto the path and zoomed along until I was past the blockage, then back on the road. When I arrived at the clinic, there was a long queue for parking places, but I zoomed past that on the bike and left it chained to a bench.

There was no queue at the clinic, so a quick prick on the finger and I was pronounced OK for another three months, so back out to the bike ... and it was raining.

OK, I have a plan B for this. I went to the clinic library, books for £1 each, and spent a while choosing interesting-looking books. At £1 each, I don't mind if a few of them are duds. Meanwhile, I peeked at the weather every few minutes ... still raining.

Eventually, I'd collected ten books, and it was still raining. OK, I have a plan C for this; I get wet.

So I cycled home through the rain. The rain rained on me, passing cars soaked my trousers, going at speed through a flooded road soaked my shoes and socks and eventually I got home. Very wet.

Well, I'm not made of sugar, despite what ladysolly says, so I didn't dissolve. A quick rub down with a towel and a change into dry clothes and all is OK.

It's stopped raining now.

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