Thursday, 13 August 2015

Rain rain rain

It was very wet today. So I didn't go out.

Instead, I did lots of pootering. My main Secure Server has crashed twice in the last few days, once with a disk problem  and the second time with a kernel panic.

A kernel panic happens when something goes so badly wrong with the operating system that it doesn't know what to do. I first encountered this on the Amiga, which displayed "Guru meditation" and a number. Those of us above a certain age will remember the BSOD, "blue screen of death" that was Windows take on it.

A kernel panic is, I think, usually caused by a hardware problem. And the best way to fix a hardware problem is to completely replace the hardware. Then you can test each part of the hardware that failed, and reuse those parts that pass.

So I loaded up two new servers (one as the main server, one as the backup) using Fedora version 22 (the latest) with the latest version of OpenSSL and Apache (in order to pass the PCI DSS). Then I tested it using the qualsys test, and it scored an "A". And then I fed it to the Sysnet PCI DSS tester, and it passed that too.

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