Saturday 1 August 2015

Paper airplanes

We've all folded and thrown paper airplanes. But look at this.

 You fold your paper airplane, then add the motor. You can control the motor speed (which means you can increase or decrease altitude) and there's a rudder that you can set to left, right or middle. 20 minutes to charge it, and you get 10 minutes flight time. You put the control ring on your finger, and then you have speed control by raising and lowering your finger, and left and right when you move your finger sideways left and right.

I was on the Hobbyking web site to buy a few things I needed, and then I browsed around a bit and saw this. I've seen it before, on Ebay, at about twice the price. I got it for £16, and I bought one, for a lark. I think grandson.1 might like it.


  1. Obviously, you'll have to safety-test it before grandson.1 gets it; video please.

  2. I think my back garden will be big enough for it. We have high hedges!