Tuesday 18 August 2015

Bike maintenance

I adjusted the gears again. This is a recurring theme. I find that I can't get into the lowest two gears, so I have to shorten the cable. The main problem is, the hand adjuster won't work, so I have to do it by loosening the cable-holding nut, putting great pressure on the cable, and then shortening it, then retightening the nut again.

The other thing I did, was to install lighting. The problem I was trying to solve, is that when I'm on a road and turning right (or left) I can let the cars behind me know my intention by holding out an arm, but if I do that then I'm riding with only one hand on the handlebars. And I prefer two. This is a rear unit that has turn indicators and a brake indicator light. The controller at the front also has a beeping horn, and can switch on the lights at when it gets dark. The equipment came with no manual, but I worked out how to install the brake light.

There wasn't enough room on the handlebars for all this; I have two handbrake levers, two gear levers, the motor controller display and switch, the bell, the throttle, the motor thermometer and the PDA holder. I use a bracket that attaches to the handlebar to give me a bit more space for all this, and I added a second one. My handlebars look like the bridge of a starship!

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