Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bike maintenance

A few things.

First I adjusted the gears - I've been unable to get into the lowest two gears, so I needed to tighten the cable slightly.

Then I replaced the thermometer. Why is there a thermometer on a bike? Because it's an electric bike. The thermometer element is glued to the thing that holds the motor (the torque arm), and the readout is on the handlebar. It's an aquarium thermometer, cost about £1, and it will warn me if the motor starts to overheat.

Then my battery box. It has sharp edges, and it was tearing the pannier. So I taped some foam round the edges; no weight added, and it should stop the box from tearing the pannier.

I adjusted the throttle, which was a bit too far from the handlebar grip, which means that it can throttle-on when I've let go of it.

And I put sticky tape on the PDA holder, to hold it together.

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