Thursday, 27 August 2015

Amesbury adventure

I saw a big circuit, 70 caches, near Amesbury, and I decided to do it today. I had a treat as  I drove towards my starting point - a great view of Stonehenge.

My first thought was to do the 70-cache series in one bound - that would mean I'd have to carry enough batteries, water and food for the day, which would have been a lot! So I changed to my usual plan - I started at cache 57, went round till I got to cache 10, the biked the two miles back to the car, along a good road. At the car I had lunch, swapped the used 5AH battery for one of my lovely new 10AH batteries (plus another one as a spare), and set off in the opposite direction, starting at 56 and finishing at cache 11.

The 5AH battery was just enough for the morning's 25 caches, and the 10AH was more than enough for the afternoon, for a total of 71 caches, and no DNFs. There was one fun tree climb.

I was especially pleased to get the puzzle in the series, because it was the sort of puzzle that doesn't give you exact coords. Instead, I drew three lines on my map, and the cache was where they intersected. And indeed, there it was!

 I went through a field of cows, except one of them was a bull. He ignored me, he was busy playing with a cow. When I left the field, I saw this:

I didn't see a notice when I entered the field! Not that I'd have been deterred. A bike is a very good defence against bovines; if they get too frisky, I walk the bike and keep it between me and them.

A good day's caching, with about 30 kilometers covered.


  1. And no mention of the Church Micro you found :)

  2. And I found a few Church Micros.