Monday 27 July 2015

The Duxford air museum

We went out on Saturday; ladysolly suggested the Duxford air museum because she knew I'd like it.

First, we went to the visitor center, where I fell in love with a flying helmet, thich sheepsking, with ears well covered, and that's going to be my biking helmet in winter! And a pair of flying goggles, for when it rains. We also bought a few books. Then on to the museum.

There's 11 buildings, and we went into them one at a time,. The place is huge, we walked seven kilometers by the time we got back to the car.

First, two spitfires.

And a Hurricane.

Then outside, the Memphis Belle ...

And a BUFF ...

In a hangar, a V1

And outside, a V1 on a ramp, ready for firing.

And a Concorde.

And finally, two views of a Lancaster.

It was a really good day out, and I'd recommend it to everyone.


  1. I thought that the science and history section, which was upstairs in the main hanger was good too.

  2. Duxford is great, isn't it?

    In case you're interested, the B-17 you pictured is "Sally B", she wears the Memphis Belle markings on one side as she was the "star" of the 1989 remake of the film.

  3. Yes, I knew about the B17. But for me, the highlight of the exhibition was the Lancaster!