Wednesday 15 July 2015

Lounging around Lambourn

It was raining all the way there, but once I'd arrived, the rain stopped, which was nice.

First, I did the Down Barn Farm circuit. There was a bonus cache, requiring me to collect six numbers. But I was only able to find three of the numbers - fortunately, it was exactly the three that I needed to be able to find the final, which pleased me greatly.

Then I went on to the Red Barn circuit. Again there was a bonus, but in this case I was able to get all the numbers for the final, which I then found. I also did some puzzle caches in that area, and when I did one of the caches in Lambourn hidden at someone's house, I also knocked on the door and said hello to them.

The bike, with the replacement rear spring, performed well.

44 caches done today, but also more DNFs than I usually have.

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