Friday 17 July 2015

Lambourn lollop

I did two circuits today. First the 20 or so of "All the downs are up", including the three "Old Warren" caches that I left out last time I was here, and also a very old cache "Well Copse". I try do to the old caches that are distinguished by their four-character codes, whenever I can.

Then I relocated to Lambourn, to so the 24-cache Rocksnest circuit.

Rather a lot of DNFs today, but many of those I'm pretty sure had gone, so I replaced them.

I got close enought to this big fellow and his harem. I told them that I was a horse, but I don't think they believed me.


  1. Pathetic attempt to boost your figures with throwdowns. Rather than DNF's you should really post Did Not Attempt logs.

  2. As a CO myself, I hope you got permission from all the COs whose caches you 'replaced'. Personally I delete find logs from people who put down replacements (without asking) just because they think the original container has gone.

    Shameful behaviour, which verges on littering.