Wednesday 29 July 2015

Four becomes three, 10 becomes 16.

I was setting up a server, I wanted to raid two t4b drives together, then partition it into three pieces, 1tb. 3tb and 4tb. The first two were fine, but when I tried to make the 4tb partition, it told me that I was going past the end of the drives.

I tried this way and that, but eventually I asked the raid how big it was, and it said 7tb. What?

So I interrogated the individual drives. One reported 4tb, the other reported 3tb. But the drive label says 4tb, the drive part number is for a 4tb. So what happened?

I have no idea, and the hassle of sending it back for a replacement is sufficiently great that I've said, the hell with it, and I made it a 7tb raid, which is big enough, and I sorted out two other drives to make the 8tb drive.

However, on the good side ... I've been finding that my Foxconn motherboards are "worn out". I suspect that a component, maybe a capacitor, fails after a long time. So I'm replacing them with Gigabyte boards. In the last few days, I've done that a few times, and I've just had to open my last carton of boards.

The good news, is that I thought there were ten boards per carton, and there's actually 16.

You win some, you lose some.

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