Wednesday 22 July 2015

Drives arrived

The six 8tb drives arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, one of them was DOA (dead on arrival) and I'll be sending it back for replacement.

I've never had that before, except in one instance where some drives had very obviously been dropped onto something hard, probably in the warehouse. When the company I got them from wouldn't replace the drives, I stopped buying from that company. But Seagate gave me replacements, so that ended OK.

I've built up six 1U servers for these drives, and I put the drives into four of them; now I'm loading them up with data, which is a very long process (especially for the two computers with 16tb). I'm guessing a couple of weeks, maybe a month!

Rather than wait for the replacement for the faulty 8tb drive, I took a couple of 4tb drives from a computer that was in reserve, raided them to 8tb, and I'm using that instead.

I also have 12gb of memory on the way from China; the memory I'm using at the moment includes "Rendition" brand, and I've had bad experiences with that brand, so I don't want to use it long term in anything important.

Four of the servers that I tried to install on, crashed out near the start of the install. I tried changing the power supply, no joy. So I replaced the motherboard, and in two of them (and probably in the other two) that's done the trick. The old motherboards were Foxconn, but the part number of those is so old, I doubt if they're available any more. I replaced them with Gigabytes from a batch I bought some years ago (I still have a dozen of those, new boxed and unused).

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