Friday, 31 July 2015

Amble around Andover

The weather was nice today, and I wanted to try out my new 10AH batteries, so I went down to Andover.

First I did a 20-cache circuit "Abbotts Ann Amble". I found them all, although the first three took me a long time,. But I got back to the car for lunch and battery-swap at about 1pm.

Then I went North and West of where I'd parked, working my way round to Andover - I had a regrettably large number of DNFs there, but I managed a total of 45 caches for the day.

On the minus side, my saddlebag ripped rather badly, and might not be repairable. Never mind, I have several alternatives!

While I was out, I saw a flock of six helicopters pass by overhead.

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