Wednesday 17 June 2015

Yaxley Yomp

I've been here a few times, but there's a series called "Tour de Yaxley" which is perfect for cyclisme. I did that circuit, 40 caches, back to Froggy for lunch, then another dozen across the motorway. Then I relocated to Yaxley itself, and did a series of eight, plus four multi church micros, for a total of 67 found and one DNF..

I got some good pictures. This is a gauging station. I don't know what a gauging station is. I suppose it's a station where you gauge.

Norman Cross has a cuckoo on a stick.

My bike is inside this small church in a random place along the bridleway. My bike doesn't get to go inside churches much. Inside on the right, there's a Tupperware box with religious books in. The cache is on the other side.

A small collection of birds of prey as I cycled past. They didn't like the bike, and tried to take off as I went by, but they were chained to their perches, so just did a faceplant on the grass.

Mr Brock, RIP.

The is the Morlock Transmitter. It isn't really Morlock, but I can never remember the name. Anyway, it always reminds me of Laurel and Hardy, and I was whistling the Cuckoo Song as I biked past.

I love this notice.


  1. That last picture is a good one... although the superfluous apostrophe is surprisingly upsetting.

  2. Yes, I was slightly sad at the apostrophe, but ... they're human!