Friday 19 June 2015

Wakerley Wood Wander

Today, SimplyPaul and I went to Wakerley wood, to do the Halloween caches set in 2014. I had a go at some of these a few months ago, but there were plenty left to do.

Cycling around the forest was quite exhausting, and my back was hurting by the time we finished. We did 30 caches in six hours, which is a very slow rate of caching. This was mostly because so many of them were hard to find; the original Halloween scary caches had been replaced by micros, and GPS accuracy in a wood tends to be rather poor.

We managed to do them all, except for one DNF, although we spent a long time looking for that one.

Back at the car, we finished our day in the wood with a very late lunch and coffee, followed by a very simple Whereigo


  1. Ah, happy memories of Wakerley Wood from before I'd got involved in geocaching :)

  2. Well done on winning the £100,000!