Tuesday 30 June 2015

To Pompey

Ladysolly and I went to Portsmouth today. We got there at about 1pm, so we went to the Gunwharf Quay for lunch. I wanted a Chiquitos, but ladysolly can't take spicy food just now, so we went to Nandos.

After a nice lunch in the shade (it was *very* hot today), we went to try to find a cache, the nearby Sidetracked. I've failed on this one twice before; the combined efforts of myself and ladysolly yielded another fail.

Then we went on to the Historic Dockyard, and went through the museum there. After that, we visited the warship Warrior, which has been restored to an immaculate condition.

We went round the ship, and I explained various nautical things to ladysolly, who made suitable "ooh" noises.

Then we went back to the car, and motored around the area to pick up three puzzle caches that we'd solved last night, and then back home.

A good day out.

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