Wednesday 10 June 2015

New car part 4

I've been offered a very tiny sum for Freda (if you saw her, you'd understand why, she's very battered and dented), and if I spent several thousand to have her fixed, she'd be worth a couple of thousand. So it's out to pasture for Freda.

We went back to Chipperfield to have a look at a replacement, not that anything will replace Freda in our hearts. They have a few possibilities. I eliminated the one without a heated windscreen, because having a heated windscreen in the winter, means that by the time I get out of the front gate, I can see where I'm going, and I won't need to spend a while scrubbing away at the frost.

They're still getting it ready, so I couldn't test drive it. We're going back tomorrow for a drive (and I'd better remember my driving licence), although I very much doubt if that will raise any questions. I already know that the drive will feel quite different from Freda, because the new car is diesel; Freda was petrol.

Which leaves an important question. Would anyone like to suggest a name for the new car, which is a diesel-engined (my first) Freelander GS, in Orkney Grey metallic paint.


  1. She could be Freya, Freda's northern half-sister; or if male, he's just Fat Freddie.

  2. Pop? As in "Pop goes the diesel"

    I'll get my coat

  3. How about Foggy - Freelander Orkney Grey Yeah!

    If you get the registration FR13 DAS you could also pay homage to the old girl ! (NOOO! I was not referring to any other member of your family!)

  4. How about Phoenix the Freelander? Rising from the ashes of its predecessor.