Monday 8 June 2015

New car, part 2

Freda the Freelander goes to the garage tomorrow. I'm going out caching using the Volvo estate. Some time tomorrow, I'll get a phone call telling me how much it's going to cost to keep Freda running.

My current thinking is that the problem is with the VCU, the viscous coupling unit, the thing that connects the front wheels with the back wheels. If it is that, I'm looking at just a few hundred pounds. The recommendation is to replace it every 70,000 miles, and I've done 180,000. Another possibility is that the problem is to do with the handbrake. And the third possibility is that it's neither of the above.

I contacted Bones; he's already sold his Freelander 2, and he got a very good price for it. I have my eye on another Freelander 2, vintage 2014, costing around £25,000. That's a lot less than I paid for Freda.


  1. Hope Freda is OK. I love my Freelander2. It hasn't done anywhere near as many miles as yours. Oh, it's not for sale. ;)

  2. Freda is elderly and infirm, and will probably be putout to pasture.