Monday 15 June 2015

Froggy's debut

Today was Froggy's first outing as a cachemobile; we went to Royston and Melbourne. This took us to the A10, a road I often hitchhiked along when travelling between home in Stamford Hill and college at Cambridge. And I still remember spending a horribly long time being stuck in Melbourne.

One of the big plusses of Froggy over Freda, is that  Froggy has DAB radio, That meant that I wasn't forced to listen to the Archers and Front Row on the way home; instead I enjoyed (for the fourth time) an episode of Dad's Army; the one with the bagpipes and haggis.

I did two circuits, but it wasn't that simple. I did loads of extra caches as well as those. And I wound up with 61 caches today; it was a good day out.

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