Sunday 14 June 2015

Dog on wheels

Some people might remember this. About 20 years ago, we set up a stand for antivirus, themed around Dr Who. We got permission from the BBC for this, but we weren't allowed to have a Dalek (because Daleks don't belong to the BBC). And we weren't allowed to have a K9.

It was bad enough not being allowed a Dalek (but we got a thing that let us do Dalek-like voices - exterminate). But not to be allowed a K9? Insult to injury.

So I led a team down to London to find a good substitute. Hamleys had nothing, but in Harrods, we found something like this.

And when the time came for K9 to take the stage, we brought on our dog-on-wheels, and got a great laugh.

So I was round at grandson.1's place, and when I saw his dog on wheels, it brought back the memory!

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  1. I remember we had a visit from the BBC (or was it Terry Nation's estate?) just to make sure that we weren't damaging the brand too much or sneakily using the Daleks without permission. The ring modulator which allowed us to do Dalek voices was one of my favourite toys ever.

    I seem to recall booth designer Steve "not the interesting one" Davis did make a replica radio-controlled K9 at one point... and that the dog on wheels was called Timothy.

    Amazing what you can remember from 20 years ago, but if you asked me what I did yesterday I wouldn't be able to begin to tell you.