Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dead man's handle

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the person driving the train you're on, were to die at the controls? Will the train hurtle on until it collides with something?

No, of course not. There's a dead man's handle. The train stops safely as soon as the person at the control is no longer able to control the train.

It's a very good idea, and it's been adopted by "You've been left behind", except that YBLB are preying on the credulous. Here's the deal.

You pay $14.95 per month. They'll store up to 250 mb of documents, which will be emailed to up to 62 email addresses of your choice, in the event that the Rapture happens.

The Rapture, I hear you ask? Yes. That's when all the Chosen Ones are whisked up to heaven, just before the End Times. They just go, and the rest of us are Left Behind.

So they've found four Christian couples, If three out of four fail to log in to show that they're still non-Raptured, then the system assumes that the Rapture has happened (dead man's handle), and those 250 mb of documents will be automatically mailed to the addresses you chose, which will give your loved ones a last chance to Repent.

Well, the first thing I notice, is that if millions of people suddenly disappear, leaving their clothes behind where they stood, it'll make the news. And if this happens, even atheists like you and I will think, hmm, maybe this is evidence that the Christians were right all along. I've mentioned this before; I don't have a "faith muscle" whereby I can voluntarily believe in something just by willing it. But in the face of such concrete evidence, an additional 250 mb of documents isn't going to matter much; I'll be revising my beliefs substantially. And if the Rapture happens, then if you don't know what it all means, you'll soon be informed by the world media.

The second thing I wonder, is how to they know that the couples that they've chosen, will be Raptured? If two couples are raptured and two aren't, the emails don't go out. Although I guess the two that are still there will notice that millions of people have been Raptured, and I would hope, they have a way to send out those vital emails.

And the third thing I wonder is whether the internet will still be working. With millions of people disappearing, there will be world-wide consternation. And a lot of data centers will go down. And electricity might become unreliable. And the emails might not arrive.

And the fourth thing I wonder, is, what if those emails are blocked by spam filters?

And the last thing I wonder is, why didn't I think of this? What a great way to make $14.95 per month for doing nothing!

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