Saturday 20 June 2015

A taste of London

If you go down to Regents Park today, you're sure of a big surprise. It's like a computer show, only for food and drink.

A lot of it is drink. And a lot of the food is rubbish. Some of the food was good; I had some great barbecued lamb chops  and chicken, and some excellent ice cream. But most of the food wasn't really of interest.

To find the good stuff, look for the crowds. Where a stand is packed, there's good food. But there were only a few.

The stands make the same mistakes as I used to see at computer shows. On far too many stands, it's completely obscure what they're offering, and on a great many, you can see what they're selling, but they don't show their prices.

It's also eye-wateringly expensive. How about £9 for a single lamb chop? I expect the vendors are paying a huge fee to the organisers, who are paying a big cut to the owners of Regents Park. But from the point of view of the consumer - wow!

You pay in crowns. A crown is, of course, five shillings. Except is isn't, it's £1. You buy your crowns for £1 each, and pay the vendors with these tokens. Of course, the vendors won't be getting £1 for each crown, which explains why they're very happy to be paid in cash.

The 34th birthday of daughter.1 was being celebrated here, so we all had a great time, and I (and some others) got somewhat tipsy.

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