Sunday 17 May 2015

Sunday opening hours

I just went to Tesco to fill up on petrol, and while I was there, I noticed a big sign saying "Open 24 hours". Then in smaller letters underneath, Sunday 10am to 4pm.

So on Monday to Saturday, they're open 24 hours - on Sunday only 6 hours. Why is this?

It's the law.  And I'm appalled.

I could understand if this were some sort of "protection for workers" thing, but it clearly isn't. They're open 24 hours on other days, so they must have some sort of shift system. No. This is obviously for reasons of religion. In Scotland, by the way, there's no such rule.

Now I have no objection to Christians wanting to treat Sunday as the "Lord's Day". And I have no objection to Jews wanting to treat Saturday as Shabbat. And I have no objection to people wanting to treat any other day of the week as their holy day, or every eleventh day, or whatever their religion tells them. My objection is when the rules of one particular religion are foisted on everyone.

I asked ladysolly whether she thought this was unethical or immoral; I often have difficulty with that distinction.

She said "It's bloody stupid."

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