Thursday 7 May 2015

Rottingdean and voting

I went caching today, to Rottingdean, near Brighton. The great thing about caching in a town on the South Coast is the ready availability of fish and chips. And I needed it!

The garage where I planned to get petrol and food before hitting the M25, was closed. I calculated that I had enough petrol to get me to Brighton, and I'd fill up there, and it also gave me the opportunity to lunch on fish and chips.

I did a circuit of puzzles that I solved a long time ago, then visited Rottingdean where I found the "Smuggler", and was able to get plaice (rare these days) and some very well-cooked chips. Recommended. I biked back to the car to enjoy the meal.

Then I did another circuit of mostly trads plus some puzzles, then back to the car and back home.

Then ladysolly and I went out and voted for the candidate whose party policies are the least worst, although still very horrible.

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