Saturday, 23 May 2015

Ireland says yes!

Well done, Ireland.

I have trouble understanding why anyone would be against gay marriage. No-one is suggesting that anyone be forced into a gay marriage - if you want to marry someone of a different sex, your rights are not reduced. What's happening here, is that other people are getting the same rights that you have. How can this be bad?

The answer, of course, is religion. The bible says that you mustn't eat prawns, you mustn't wear garments of mixed fibres, and you mustn't have gay sex. So here's the next thing I don't understand. How come the Catholic religion is fine with the first two, but not the third? Well, of course, I know the answer. Religion.

What is religion? God knows. As far as I can see, it's a set of rules that someone made up a long time ago (in the bible, there's 613 rules), and 2000 years later, other people decide which of those rules are still valid, and which aren't. So, for example, a couple of hundred years ago, we decided that despite being approved by the bible, slavery is immoral. And a long time before that, a bunch of people decided that despite being forbidden by the bible, prawns are OK.

Me - I don't like prawns. I know this, because I've tried them. I don't like oysters either, even though I haven't actually tasted one - the look of an oyster is just too off-putting. But I digress.

Well, not entirely. You're in a cafeteria. You choose what you want to eat from all the various things on offer. And in cafeteria religion, you choose which rules you want to follow, from all the various rules on offer. Don't want to avoid pork? No problem, who are we to call god's animals unclean! Don't like gays? No problem, Leviticus says that gay sex is an abomination. Oh, and you have to stone them to death, but we don't want that part of it, so we'll ignore that.

I hope that makes sense. Or rather, I hope it doesn't, because if it does, you might be infected with religion, and you need to take a ritual bath. Make sure that the rabbi isn't watching while you take it.

Anyway. The good news is that Ireland has voted in a referendum that gay marriage should be legal, despite strong opposition from the religionists. And that means that Ireland, which used to be heavily in thrall to the religionists, has cast off their restraints, and I think we can guess why.

There was a time when the Catholic church was held in great respect. And then we discovered all the pedophile priests - and worse, that the Catholic church was protecting them, but not reporting these crimes to the police. Instead, they'd "punish" the pedophile by moving him to another parish, where guess what ...? It happens again. And so on.

That led to people wondering, what is this church for? And why are we taking our morality from them?

And that led to today's excellent result.

Well done, Ireland.

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