Sunday 19 April 2015

Who to vote for?

Sturgeon says that she'll join with Miliband to form a government; Miliband hasn't said yes, but neither has he said no. If that happens, then the ScotNat tail will wag the Labour dog. We'll see all sorts of policies favouring increased benefits to the Scots, and don't be surprised if there's another "once in a generation" referendum on Scots independence in a few years. Ugh. So I'm not keen on Miliband.

Farage's party seems to lurch from one scandal to another. Their policy on free university education for STEM subject is a great idea, but A) their party seems to have just too many loonies, and B) they want to leave the EC.

Nick Clegg - who knows what their policies are. Sure, you can read their manifesto, but based on past performance, that will be flushed away as soon as anyone invites him to dance.

I have no comment on the Welsh or Scots Nats, because I doubt if they'll be fielding a candidate in Buckinghamshire. The Green seem to be lurching further and further in the direction of the Raving Loony party but without the streak of sensibility, and they sadly aren't standing in my constituency.

Which leaves Cameron.

Who announced on March 6th, that he wants to repeal the fox hunting ban.

To me, this is entirely a cruelty to animals issue. Yes, I do understand that lots of people love being cruel to animals, and that some people's income depends on being cruel to animals, and that some people think that they should have the freedom to be cruel to animals. But to me, if you want to dress up, ride horses, and follow a pack of hounds, then you should choose one of the members of your club, give him a sack of something that dogs like to follow (aniseed?) and maybe a few pounds of sausages to give the dogs if they cath him, and away you go - fun for all, without cruelty to animals. Likewise cockfighting, dogfighting and bear baiting.

And then he changed his mind.

And then he changed his mind again. Although I don't regard the Daily Mirror as being the most reliable source of information. However, page 23 of the Conservative manifesto says
A Conservative Government will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote

Could this lose him the election? Probably not, I doubt if most people would get terribly worked up about it. And I thnk that a free vote will continue to ban fox hunting. But it leaves me worried about what sort of idiot we have leading the Tories.

But the worst Tory policy, in my view, is the one to have a referendum on leaving the EC.  This will lead to business uncertainty for a long time, friction with our European friends because we'll be trying to twist their arms for concessions, and in the worst case, could lead to our leaving the EC.

So who to vote for?

Oh, Sutch, where are you when we need you?


  1. All may not be lost. There's always the Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party. I'm considering offering my services if they need a local candidate.

  2. No Monster Raving loony, but South West Herts has a genuine "Common Sense Party" candidate to choose from.

  3. There's no Common Sense in Chesham :-(

    And, by the way, our Tory candidate, which is the sitting MP, is the one that I wrote to several years ago to explain why the £20 billion NHS computer system was idiotically expensive and wouldn't work, whereas about 99% of what was actually needed could be done for a couple of million.

    You can imagine the reply I got; very polite, but basically "Go away little man, we know what we're doing"