Monday, 13 April 2015

Hearing aid

My hearing has never been wonderful, except that I'm pretty good at not hearing things, especially when I don't want to. But sometimes that's not so good.

And sometimes, I hear a sentence that someone just spoke, and it just doesn't make sense, and I have to replay it in my head until it "comes into focus" as it were; I realise that what I thought was a P was actually a T, and what I thought was an A was actually an E, and I try different ways of dividing up the sound into separate words, and then it makes sense.

Or sometimes it doesn't, and I have to ask for a repeat.

And as I get older, this is only going to get worse - my hearing isn't going to improve.

Recently someone asked me "what would Google Glass be useful for?" And I can think of several things, but the first and most useful to me, would be voice recognition.

Siri can do it. Google can do it on my iPhone; I can say a query, and Google hears what I say, turns it into words, and does it. The technology resembles magic, as all sufficiently advanced technology should.

So what I'd like, is to be able to replay something that someone just said (and some television programs are especially bad) but for Google Glass to give me its best guess, in words on the screen, of what was just said.


  1. Oooh I need that for Charles, or maybe a 'demumblifier' for me...
    Lots of love,
    Daughter. 2

  2. For chronic mumblers, you could do it the other way round. You could wear a tablet round your neck that gave a scrolling display of the words that you're saying.