Friday, 10 April 2015

Haynes hike

I went to Haynes today, near Bedford. I started off with 30-odd caches on a very good track and on a road, and even though a couple of them took me a fair while to find, I still managed to do 30 caches in two hours!

I'd parked at the village hall, which is often a good place to establish a base, it's usually free, there's usually plenty of room, and I can trundle around on the bike all day. I got back for lunch, changed battery, and then went out to do more caches, govomg ,e a total of 79 for the day, quite a good number! And, of course, leaving me quite knackered, but that's part of the point of doing this.

I had some excellent views of the airship hangars.

And while doing a cache I did near the end of the day, I was being watched by this house.

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