Thursday, 16 April 2015

All fall down

Here's some important advice for when you get past the age of 60 - don't fall down. Because if you do, A) it hurts and B) it takes a long time before it stops hurting.

Ladysolly fell down today; she slipped on a wet floor and went over. She hurt her knee, and her ankle, and by this evening, she could barely walk, even using a walking pole. She's planning to go to London tomorrow, however, for an urgent appointment with her hairdresser (another thing that happens as you get over 60, is dreadful things happen to your hair, even I have a few grey hairs). I told her not to go, but she's determined. However, when tomorrow comes, her ankle might be good to go, or it might be telling her in no uncertain terms "no way". I'll leave the final decision to her ankle.

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